Marjorie Lee and The Lovers formed in early 2015 by prolific singer/songwriter Marjorie Lee. Joined by married couple Jon Lattier on bass, and drummer Kristin Agee (Us, Today); Their debut album "The Lovers" was released in March 2017. Their second album "Ohio" was released in September 2018 and is a collection of original songs about growing up and living in rural Ohio as a QPOC. In 2019 Jon and Kristin will be taking a break to welcome their new baby to the world, and Marjorie will be exploring looping and performing solo versions of her songs.

We are the lovers


Based out of Cincinnati Ohio, The Lovers are a trio performing original songs written by Marjorie Lee

Vocals, Guitar / Marjorie Lee
Bass / Jon Lattier
Drums / Kristin Agee

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